Thinking about getting a cavy?
Guinea pigs are the greatest thing in the world,  but they have
their down-side if your not aware of the upkeep and space they
require. One guinea pig requires 7 square feet of space to be
comfortable. That is double the size of the most commonly
sold guinea pig/rabbit cages. A good solution for that lies
at Build your own 2 layered themed cage out
of chloroplast and office "cubes". For a better explanation
visit their site.

The next thing you should be be aware of is the amount
of food they eat. One of the 7 wonders of the world, is
where a cavy can hold all they eat. They REQUIRE hay, alfalfa,
fresh carrots, fresh lettuce, RED apples, and guinea pig food.
My pigs require a child's sand-bucket full of this stuff a day.
Guinea pigs also appreciate variety. Give them new
kinds of veggies once in a while.
I would suggest going to This site, and reading all about their
diet in greater detail. I'm still reading up on this stuff
myself, and I am always learning something new.

Because they eat so much, they crap a lot. A lot. If you
own a pet-store sized cage, you will have to clean
it once every two days. The good news is, they don't stink.
Cavies have a gland in their behind that produces fiberish
little vitimine capsuls. They have to recycle and ingest these
to survive. It's a bodily requirment. So those little
"poop pills" aren't very stinky.

A lot of pages talk about how they require little
attention. This isn't true, you must have a lot
of time to devote to a guinea pig. Not paying
enough attention to your pig may shorten it's
life by 75%. Most pigs who are fed reguarly, but
never get time out of their cage, live about 1-2 years.
Pigs cared for by attentive owners can have a pig
live to the rip old age of 10 years old.

Breeding is BAD. If a female cavie is over a year
old and has never had a litter, her pelvic bones
have merged together in a way that makes it IMPOSSIBLE
for her to give birth. She will die in labor, and the
babies will die stuck inside her. That is why you
should NEVER breed.

Your pig does need a friend though, they are
very social animals and will get lonely when
home alone. Two boys, or two girls
should be fine. Two males can get along
if there is no female present to make them compete.
two females get along best. Guinea pigs are also good with
They are fun, and they are cute.
If you want one, please go to a guinea pig
rescue shelter. Believe me, there is one not far
from you. I was ASTOUNDED at the amount of shelter's
I have dicovered all over the US. I think I will
make a list of those soon and upload it here
for future refrence.