This pig is an image I altered from Peter Gurney's Site
Peter Gurney's Site is a great site on cavy details.
From illness, to nutrition, to behavior. The on-line guide to housing a pig.
IF you are going to own a Cavy, you must realize what you have.
You now have the responsibility of a small being's health, and happyness.
this little being is going to depend on you to know how to see that he is
healthy, and happy.  If you do not do this, there is a special place in hell
for you.  Now on with creating heaven for your pigs!

Space: One piggy need seven feet of running space. That's why going to
This site is so important. It teaches you how to make a super-cheap, super-
great paradise for your pig.

Food: Cavies like to have variety. Do not buy them a few items, and make
that their steady flow of food. Surprize them with grass from your garden,
berries,  sweat peas, etc...

Handling: Mess with your pig every day. Make them a part of your life.
Soon they will get to know and trust you. Before you know it, they will
be squealing for your attention.
This page is going to get bigger and bigger as I learn new ways to care
for my pigs.  For now... everytime I start writting about them, I miss them,
and have  to go visit them.

To be continued....